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A Few Words And Expressions Used In Sport Cap
Sep 01, 2017

     Sports caps are always a symbol of youthful vigor, giving people an easy and natural impression. Spring summer: Suitable for all kinds of T-shirts, shirts, jeans, vest skirts, or simple cotton dress. Autumn and winter: suitable for corduroy pants, jeans, denim clothes, hooded coats, baseball coats, big sweaters.Sport Cap

     The round face wears the sports cap easily gives the person a kind of head top, the face is bigger feeling, so if is the long hair Meimei, may cover most hair in the cheek help place, then the brim presses in the forehead two-thirds position to be good. Short-haired girls generally do not recommend wearing a baseball cap, if not to wear, the best wear. You can take the bangs slightly to the two temples, and then tie a pony tail, it is very good-looking.Sport Cap

     Liu Hat is very cute, if it is long hair words can be a little, brim cap gland in the forehead of one-third, to be thick Liu exposed, do not hold bangs, because that will be difficult to see. Face is a very good face, but when wearing a baseball cap, it is easy to show that the face is exceptionally long, so the brim needs to be lowered so that the chin and the nose are more stereoscopic and the mystery is added.Sport Cap

     Sports caps Some of the more popular bands are wearing right, but on the side of the belt, hat cover the head of the three-fourths, I personally feel very contrived, I have been insisting on normal wearing a matter of opinion, I like how to wear, wear out their own personality is good. Outdoor sports hat is on the basis of the ordinary hat, in the cap body forehead part of the outer layer and brim with a light body of hard quality and eaves, the use of the rigidity of each piece, so that the hat body, brim strength durable, beautiful generous. Outdoor sports hat structure is simple, easy to manufacture, is a travel, sports and other necessary supplies.Sport Cap

     Outdoor sports hat How to choose? How do you choose a sports hat? It depends on where you are going. Outdoor sports place, weather, temperature and so on different types of hats to wear. If the general outing can wear a eaves of the sun visor, summer to the water is best prepared a straw hats.Sport Cap

     General camping, outing and other outdoor activities, should wear a eaves of the sun visor, summer and love comb ponytail girls can choose the top brim. If you go to a checkout or desert area, you'd better prepare a straw-hats, with a wider brim. China's southern coastal areas common hats are also excellent shading products. It is wet in hot weather and helps to cool down and eliminate heat. Of course, even with a hat, sunscreen supplies are also essential, especially to the waterside and plateau, the sun is very easy to burn the skin, so be sure to use sunscreen. To go to a cold area, be sure to wear a woolen hat or other type of warm-keeping hat that is best for your ears.Sport Cap

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