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Advertise Cap With You To Understand The Development Of Advertising In China
Oct 23, 2017

According to historical records, the earliest print ads is about three thousand years BC, in the ruins of the ancient city of Esbys found in the ruins of the papyrus, written to pursue a fleeing slave Shem (Saim), is willing to pay gold coins to pay reward. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the business point to be marked for advertising, such as the hotel logo is pine cones, the hotel logo is ivy, milk factory logo is goat, bakery logo is mule pull disc ... ....Advertise Cap

China is the world's advertising source, has a long history. In the ancient times, the business point to be "under the guise" (also known as "Wang Zi") and signs, the Spring and Autumn period Han Feizi in the "outside the reservoir on the right" records: "Song who have drunk, , For the wine is very beautiful, the flag is very high ... ... ", refers to the sixth century BC Song of the hotel" under the guise "advertising, and has been in use ever since. However, this kind of advertising is limited in time and space, and the scope of communication is limited. Only when the "printing" invention, print ads have great development. China is the earliest invention of paper and "printing" of the country, but also the first printing of print ads in the country.Advertise Cap

In 1998, the Chinese cultural relics and archaeologists in Hunan Province, Nguyen Ling County to explore a tomb of the Yuan Dynasty, it is found in two 1306 years ago, wrapping paper advertising, its positive and back are printed with a clear pattern Lace and text. The full text is: Tanzhou (now Changsha City) Shengping Square Baita Street Daini Temple relative to live, the risk of home (shopkeeper name danger) since the burning very bright red purple Yan Yin Zhu, water two Zhu: female yellow, solid spoon. Buyers please paint test, then see the color out of the ordinary, four far to accept the door to call the first red card high card for the mind. The entire advertising text less than 70 words, but derived the store's address, the nature of the product, features, it is concise, at a glance, proficient in market marketing psychology, is the early two of China's outstanding print advertising relics.Advertise Cap

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