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Baseball Caps For Sports Caps
Aug 25, 2017

                 Baseball caps have come to China with baseball, the earliest record of baseball, for Chinese engineers Zhan tianyou to study at Yale University (1877-1881) to organize the Chinese baseball team, and later from the United States, Japan returned overseas Chinese and foreign students to bring baseball back to the motherland. A baseball team was set up in Beijing in 1895. 1907, the Beijing exchange of documents to Tongzhou Concord College competition. This is the earliest baseball game in China.Sport Cap

                The Far East games, launched by China, Japan and Philippines since 1913, have been played in baseball games, with the participation of the Chinese team for many times. The Chinese games before the founding of the People's Republic of China also had baseball games, and participants were students. During the war of Resistance against Japan, $ord in northern Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei and other base areas have carried out baseball campaign. But at the time baseball was just a rare sport, and the athletes were not all with baseball caps, because the conditions were limited, so it was more impossible for the masses to be popularized. 1952, the PLA first PLA games have a baseball game. 1959, the first national games, baseball was listed as a formal event, with 23 provinces, the city team to participate in the Beijing team won the championship.Sport Cap

                 In 1975, the third national Games, the baseball game in Luda and Beijing held the preliminaries and finals, the first is the Tianjin team. In 1979, the fourth national Games, 14 provinces, the city team to participate in the baseball game, the champion for the Beijing team. In September 1975, the Japanese University of Aichi baseball team came to China to visit the competition, and China began international baseball. In August 1976, the baseball team of the Japanese University of politics visited. 1979 China Baseball Softball Association was established, each province, the city also successively establishes the branch. That's when baseball players are really wearing baseball caps that symbolize baseball, and since then baseball caps have gone into the lives of Chinese people, everyone has the right to wear baseball caps, and ordinary people have baseball caps and baseball caps have been made into different styles.Sport Cap

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