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Classification And Function Of Advertise Cap
Aug 03, 2017

    Hats are a variety of varieties, by purpose, there are snow caps, rain, sun caps, safety helmets, dust caps, nightcap, hat hats, travel hats, hats and so on; the use of objects and model points, there are men's hats, women's hats, children's hats, minority hats, lovers caps, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military caps, police caps, professional hats, etc. according to the production materials, there are fur hats, felt hats, woolen hats, long Mao Yan caps, velvet bonnet, straw hat, bamboo hats and so on; According to the characteristics of the style, there are bell hat, cap, bell-type cap, triangular hat, forward hat, Youth caps, scarf caps, boundless female caps, Longjiang hats, Beijing-style hats, Shanxi hats, cotton ear caps, octagonal hats, shorty, tiger hats and so on.Advertise Cap
   Fabric selection Requirements According to specific requirements can be broadly divided into cotton, polyester, t\c, CVC, nylon, leather, velvet, grass, PVC, Non-woven, paper. But the commonly used fabrics to cloth mainly, the volume of large demand for most of the use of PVC, Non-woven and paper caps. Printing and embroidery general fabric selection after the need to set a printing pattern. Cloth type Advertising hat can choose embroidery process, the advantages of embroidery is more high-end feeling, not easy to fall, but only small area. The use of PVC, Non-woven advertising caps and paper caps on the choice of printing more, especially paper caps.    General advertising caps are to do activities, to achieve the effect of outdoor group publicity. So you can need a large advertising area, bright colors.Advertise Cap
   Advertising hat work, in the eyes of everyone feel that the quality of advertising caps is not high, this is a misunderstanding. General advertising Cap is the embodiment of the company's image, it is afraid that you are free delivery, but also to users feel like wearing, and often wear. So the quality to follow up, now everyone on the quality is more and more demanding, if only the pursuit of price advantage, that will only make the grade of advertising cap, and the products you want to sell also reduced. Another note is size. Each factory produces the advertisement cap to have its own size. The size of a man's hat is the number of centimeters in the finger circumference, so it is convenient to buy. However, given the shrinkage of some hats after washing, the purchase should be slightly larger. The average adult man's cap number is 55-56, the child hat is 50-55, and the baby cap is 42-46. Adult women's hats, sun caps and sports caps are only 1-3 three. The knitting cap is sized, it can be scaled, and some is calculated by weight.Advertise Cap
   For hair dust prevention pollution in winter, sand, dust, especially in today's increasingly serious pollution era, as the hair is blown out of the clutter, the microbes and dust on the hair of the top of the head are like grit on the sandpaper, while the skin is raging on your scalp, adding to the friction between the comb and hair and hairs as you brush your hair and act. Microbes that cannot be seen by the naked eye may cause your scalp to breed bacteria, and even cause hair follicles to infect, directly affecting the hair's living environment and growth quality. And the friction of the hair on the surface of the small skin, hair will become coarse, serious when it will lead to the hair fork, broken. At this time, wearing a comfortable fashion hat, is tantamount to the hair wearing a beautiful and protective function of the cloak, effectively blocking the dust and microbial invasion.Advertise Cap

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