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Multifunctional Sports Caps
Aug 05, 2017


            A multifunctional sports cap is characterized in that the lower side of the cap is provided with an ear hood, wherein the lower part of the ear hood is provided with a MP3 player, and the bottom of the two ear protectors is connected by an elastic band, and a protective net is provided at the top of the cap with the ear protectors. Through the above settings, the utility model realizes the organic combination of the sports cap and the MP3, while the movement can listen to the music to relax the body and mind, which brings more fun for the movement.Sport Cap

            A multifunctional sports cap comprises a movement cap body, wherein a bracket is arranged on the body of the moving cap, a beverage bottle is placed on the bracket, one end of the catheter is inserted into the beverage bottle, and the other end is placed in the user's mouth, and the bracket is arranged in a symmetrical position on both sides including a bracket and a cushion below; the catheter is a "T" shape, and the two sides of the catheter protrude from the top of the body and into the beverage bottle on the bracket respectively, and the lower end is suspended from the inner side of the body and placed in the user's mouth; The utility model has simple structure , easy to use, easy to use for athletes and sports enthusiasts during competitions and watching games.Sport Cap

            A multifunctional sports cap, including a cap body, a cap bag and a circular zipper, the cap bag and the annular zipper are stitched on the CAP body 1, the cap bag is composed of a bag body, a bag cover 5 and a left headphone outlet hole, and the annular zipper is located in the back half of the moving cap area. The invention discloses a multifunctional moving cap, a cap bag and a circular zipper are arranged on the cap body, in the meantime can place the MP3 music player and the earphone line, the people wears the sports cap to be able to enjoy the music in the shade or the movement, the collection is convenient, the design is beautiful and generous, conforms to the young person pursues the fashionable and the high efficiency idea, has certain consumer group.Sport Cap


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