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Reasons For The Popularity Of Sun Cap
Sep 21, 2017

     Sun caps, also known as visor caps, are most useful for hot summers and sunny weather. The sun hat has a variety of styles, especially in front of the brim is very lenient, can almost block all the sun. A beautiful sun hat can also give the whole shape bonus points Oh! Summer Cool fashionable ride out Govin play! Come and watch these high clothes Q street beat fashionable guests, they put on a summer dress like add a cool small things: straw bag, sunglasses, visor, body chain concave shape can not be less, looks add points refreshing and chic it!Sun Cap

     The round face wears the dome hat, appears face, the hat is small. It is more appropriate to wear a large cap. The pointy-faced man wears a cap and looks smaller and thinner on his face. Therefore Dai top hat is more appropriate. The man with the face is more appropriate to wear all the hats.Sun Cap

     Second, choose your hat according to your figure. The height of the person's hat should not be small, otherwise give the head light feet heavy feeling. The short man is the opposite. Tall women should not wear high cap, otherwise the feeling is "and" grow taller. Sun Cap

     A short young lady is not suitable for Daiping top-width canopies, and will appear shorter. Hats and clothes, to try to avoid weaknesses, even if they wear the satisfaction, but also to make people see the decency. The form and color of hats must be matched with clothing, scarves, gloves and shoes. Ladies wearing glasses, do not wear a hat with complex floral decorations, the hat should not cover the forehead, the hat should be higher, so as to show your chic demeanor and elegant temperament.Sun Cap

     Summer sun on the skin hurt you must know! In addition to sunscreen, a visor can give you a layer of protection, but how to avoid wearing a straw hat as a country fan, how to wear a baseball cap more fashionable? Come to learn the street beat up people's visor fashion, let you this summer can take into account the fashion at the same time do not hurt by the sun!Sun Cap

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