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Sport Cap Classification And Fabric Analysis
Nov 01, 2017

This hat is in the original sports cap on the basis of the forehead in the cap part of the outer layer and the top of the hat above the installation of light and hard pieces of the amount of protection and protection, the use of the hardness of the protection of the hat, the hat is strong and durable Beautiful and generous. In the surface of the mask to re-design the appropriate ad text and graphics on the more visually eye-catching effect. The hat structure is simple, easy to manufacture, is a travel, sports and other necessary supplies.Sport Cap

From the physical "unit area of the force for the pressure." A certain amount of external force, the role of small objects in the area, the pressure on the large, large deformation of the object. Such as the role of the larger area of the object, the pressure is small, the smaller the deformation of the object. The skiman's hat is a protective effect. If the athletes fall inadvertently, if the external force directly to the head, than the role of external force in the helmet, and then passed to the head of the damage suffered.Sport Cap 

Baseball cap is the main raw material for man-made fibers, man-made fibers, also known as renewable fiber, silkworm silk is the inspiration, with cellulose and protein and other polymer compounds made of material. This fiber function is outstanding, absorbent sweat permeability is good, suitable for custom sports hat. And this fiber dyeing function is also very top-notch, dyed out of the color is very pure, bright, chromatography is the most complete fiber, but the gloss is not as good as the natural fiber cotton. Second, the flexibility and toughness is very good, so it is very suitable for baseball cap fabric.Sport Cap

The ski cap is generally made of fine elastic velvet, and its main function is to protect the head and ears, so in the choice of ski cap when we must pay attention to light and does not affect the vision is appropriate, sun hat, The upper layer of the tongue can be attached to the lower sun hat, in the rear of the cap with an upright circular surface, the circular surface with a horizontal cap, according to the cap, Need, between the two layers of tongue can be filled with a layer of insulation, in the horizontal surface of the cap, with the installation of additional attachment hole, when the use of hollow cap body, the cap clip left to install the attachment Of the deduction hole.Sport Cap 

The invention can give full play to the shading effect of the sun hat cap and can add various kinds of appendages so that the sun hat is practical and beautiful, and the use value is increased, and the upper and lower caps of the sun hat can be used and cleaned separately.Sport Cap

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