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Sport Cap Collocation
Sep 21, 2017

      This kind of hat is on the basis of the original sports cap, in the cap body forehead part of the outer layer and brim above add the light body hard mass protect piece and the eaves protects the piece, use each piece of rigidity, make the cap body, brim is firm and durable, beautiful and generous. On the surface of the various pieces of the design to draw appropriate advertising text and patterns will be more visual eye-catching effect. The hat is simple in structure and easy to manufacture, and it is a necessary regular supply for tourism, sports and so on.Sport Cap

      Hats in the outdoor activities of the importance of self-evident, but without affecting the functionality of the premise, choose a suitable for your beautiful hat is also exquisite. Outdoor sports place, weather, temperature and so on different types of hats to wear. However, most people because of the inherent concepts and professional understanding, often for outdoor clothing, outdoor equipment not too much attention, so that outdoor life is not ideal effect, and sometimes make outdoor activities become a kind of servitude and pain. Although the hat ornament is small, but has the astonishing concentrating effect, but chooses improperly, but lets your outdoor life eat exhausted. Skillfully use hat accessories, can give people refreshing feeling.Sport Cap

      Contrast color combination is the key to popular, hats and clothing color difference when the larger, may appear to be short stature. Hats and clothes with the same color, can give a slender impression. The color of the hat to see the face correction, yellow color is not suitable for yellow-green hue, optional gray powder and so on. Black or white color of the choice is relatively large. People with rosy complexion, choose a wide range of color of the sun hat, can coordinate with many colors. Gray-skinned people, suitable for the middle color is not high purity, such as Jade White, stone green, blue, brown, lavender, etc., do not choose too gorgeous color.Sport Cap

     White skin people, hats apply more color, but because the white skin is easy to give a person weak feeling, so choose a hat, should avoid choosing white or close to the white color. Dark-skinned people in the selection of brightly colored hats, pay attention to the overall effect of clothing. Sport Cap

     Yellow-skinned people should not wear yellow, green hats, but if the dark brown, Purple lotus, Li Qing, Milla until the color of the hat and clothing properly together, but also get better results. In most people's minds, cotton is a comfortable material, but it is rarely used in outdoor hats. Pure cotton has a good hygroscopicity, wet water after cotton is often not easy to dry, coupled with the performance of heat absorption, so that the wear in the scorching summer to double sultry hot and humid rumbled, outdoor becomes a kind of pain.Sport Cap

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