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Sports Cap Classification And Match
Jun 13, 2017

    Sports cap, simple structure, easy to manufacture, is a travel, sports and other necessary regular supplies

    This hat is based on the original sports cap, in the forehead part of the forehead and the top of the hat above the installation of light weight of the amount of the amount of protection film and eaves shield, the use of the hardness of the protection of the hat, the hat is strong and durable Beautiful and generous. In the surface of the protection of the re-design of the appropriate ad text and pattern to be more visually eye-catching effect.Sport Cap

    Sports cap is always full of youthful vitality of the symbol, giving a relaxed, natural impression Oh! <Spring and summer>: suitable for all kinds of T-shirts, shirts, with jeans, vest skirt, or simple cotton dress. <Autumn and winter>: suitable for corduroy pants, jeans, denim clothing, hooded coat, baseball jacket, sweater.

    Round hat all ages, wool weaving, flannel, woolen material, linen and other different materials of the disk cap, almost for a wide range of clothing with a combination, may wish to try to see. <Spring and summer>: T-shirt, jeans, plaid shirt, long dress, mini skirt, bell-bottoms, tattoo dress are suitable, is not almost full- <Autumn and winter>: denim jacket, sweater, multi-level dress, loaded ... ... so speak it! May be in addition to too formal or too sports dress is not suitable, the rest can be.Sport Cap

    In a burst of RAP wind blowing, the plush suddenly ran the streets! This kind of humor with a little sense of humble hat, in winter, fully meet the role of heating and type. Too good girl may not be suitable for match, because the taste is wrong, but will become a little funny. "Autumn and winter day": large sweater, plaid shirt, denim clothing, one coat, baseball jacket, harness pants, one side tight dress, tight shirt + small skirt.Sport Cap

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