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Sun Cap
Aug 16, 2017

             Facing the scorching summer, the hot ground, the blazing sun, baking us to travel. Let the skin aging of the "enemy" is precisely the day we can not leave the sun. Ultraviolet rays will not only make skin roughness, resulting in pigmentation, but also cause light dermatosis, aggravating freckles, chloasma and so on. So summer travel, Yang hat, sunglasses, sunscreen is essential. The next little series will introduce all kinds of sun hat styles and pictures, I believe there are a of them for you.Sun Cap

             There is a wire at the brim that can bend the shape arbitrarily. Imported paper grass texture, summer wear cool and pleasant, generous elegance! Super Large brim is especially suitable for summer to block direct sunlight, to prevent sunburn can be comparable to sun umbrella effect.              The overall design of the hat appearance elegant, with the peacock tail noble temperament, 360-degree effective protection, UV-resistant, designed for cycling, brim-type does not block the line of sight. Intimate design with wind rope, even if the wind is not worried about the weather.

             The dome is designed to make it look more temperamental. Vibrant blue, elegant khaki. Paper grass flowers, looks more three-dimensional, more women smell. Casual collocation is very stylish, ladies, fresh, temperament, only unexpected, not to do. This summer want to try a new style of MM, do not miss Oh!Sun Cap

              The classic big along hat style. The brim adopts the special whole cotton breathable material with anti-ultraviolet treatment, which has effect to protect your delicate skin and the wind is not easy to deform. At the same time this paragraph is more suitable for a variety of head circumference mm, for the head big mm is to provide a practical function oh. The forehead of a small piece of sweat layer changed into a whole circle oh, more effective perspiration sunscreen.Sun Cap

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