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Sun Cap
Aug 25, 2017

             Why do other people's visor is always prettier than mine? Is it really just a question of face? In fact, the summer sun visor first can be lenient along the style, the most in and shading effect is the best, the classic light brown straw visor let a lot of fashionable people fondle admiringly, for the girl who is lazy to dress up, plus a wear sunglasses, out of the street practical and fashion. How to choose and match the visor, watch fashion icon from dress to jewelry details with the demonstration, give you useful inspiration!Sun Cap

              Hot mama can be big along the visor hat out of the highest rate, rice white will be very lining skin color Oh! A few details, such as edge, bow and so on, make your seaside look full of individuality. The white Sun hat look will make you seem as clean as the sea sky, pure! Casually a small flower decoration is the most appropriate. White small eaves of the sun hat, neat, handsome look the best tool. The dark-coloured system is best worn along the visor. Of course, summer visor and nail oil better match Oh!Sun Cap

              Ultraviolet rays are shorter wavelengths than visible light, but longer than X-rays of electromagnetic radiation, the wavelength range of 10 nm to 400 nm, energy from 3 electron volts to 124 electron volts. Its name is because in the spectrum of the electromagnetic frequency than the naked eye visible purple is higher and name, also known as ultraviolet light. In 1801, German physicist Ritter discovered that ultraviolet rays were found in a section of the ultraviolet side of the solar spectrum that could make photographic negatives containing bromide. Ultraviolet radiation can be used to sterilize, too much ultraviolet rays into the body will cause skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays are found in the sun, and in arcs and special lights, such as black light, also emit ultraviolet rays. It can cause chemical reactions and cause many substances to glow or produce fluorescent light. Most ultraviolet light is classified as non ionizing radiation. The higher energy of the ultraviolet spectrum, about 150 nm (vacuum ultraviolet) is ionized, but this type of ultraviolet rays are not penetrating force, will be blocked by the air.Sun Cap

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