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Sun Cap Cleaning And Purchase
Sep 12, 2017

     Sun Hat Cleaning Peacetime we wear the hand-knitted cap in the dirty when it is unavoidable to clean, handmade hat manufacturers to remind users, to use neutral detergent to clean hand-knit hats. Washing handmade woolen hats requires attention to the use of neutral detergent, so if the hat is wool hand-knitted cap, it will not damage the material of the hat. In the washing of handmade wool hats, do not use washing detergent, especially the enzyme-added detergent. The main ingredient of wool is protein, enzymes will hydrolyze the protein, which may make hand-knit hats shape-sun caps.Sun Cap

     The reason for washing a hand-knit hat with warm water is that the warm water is more powerful to remove dust, soak the hand-knit hat for 5-10 minutes, then gently rub until clean-sun hat. Hand knit hats need to be kept in a dry place when the hat is not worn. Avoid the long and moldy time of the hand knitting cap, because the manual woolen cap is only worn in the autumn and winter season, and when not worn, it is better to choose the place to keep-the sun hat.Sun Cap

     Summer in the field of the people to choose the sun hat, should be the primary attention to its shading function, light, wide along the various hats and hats are most suitable. Indoor work, only on the way to wear, should be in the style and color outstanding decoration function.Sun Cap

      The shapely woman chooses the sun hat; the chunky woman should try to pick the tint, a narrow-brimmed sun cap; a person with a shorter neck and a half-and-a-narrow sun hat is appropriate, and if you choose to wear a wide-brimmed sun hat, it can cause a sense of oppression; a fair-skinned person can choose a colourful sun hat. Black-skinned people should choose red, chrysanthemum yellow, light gray sun hat.Sun Cap

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