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Sun Cap For UV Protection
Aug 05, 2017

              A UV-proof solar cap, which comprises a cap top, a cap body, and a cap edge, and the top of the cap consists of two layers, the upper layer is cloth or silk material, the lower layer is cloth, the cap body is composed of three layers, and the upper layer is made of cloth or silk material, the lower layer is cloth; The middle layer is a material with anti-ultraviolet function, the material can be coated with anti-ultraviolet material, three layers after the stitching; the edge of the cap is a plastic non-metallic belt, which can be used with a plastic steel belt, and a slightly lower diameter of the sun hat. To sew a package by the upper and lower layers of the cap body. , the role is to open the sun hat support, but also the slightly larger Sun cap folded up into the accompanying bag. The utility model can not only prevent or greatly reduce the exposure of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, but also has a better shade, and can fold the sun cap into the bag.Sun Cap

              Hot summer, if you don't want to stay home for a season, are you ready to go out and resist the heat? Remember that cool sunscreen to start from scratch Oh, hurriedly choose a suitable for their own and can shade the sun, UV-proof hat bar! Follow the little series below to see how to choose a good-looking and practical visor bar.Sun Cap

              First, the retail price within 10 yuan, the fundamental purchase of a qualified Anti-ultraviolet visor. Second, the normal enterprise production of anti-ultraviolet visor are labeled Factory name, site, telephone, trademarks, bar codes, valid certificates, the use of instructions, and so on, the market "three No" cap is certainly fake and shoddy products.Sun Cap

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