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Sun Cap With The Choice
May 25, 2017

Sun Cap has shade, decoration, warming and protection and so on. So many types, choose also pay attention.

First of all, Sun Cap according to the face to choose the right hat. The face of the person is mainly square (national face), round (round face) and sharp (sharp face) three.

Round face with a dome Sun Cap, it looks big face, hat small. Such as wearing a large cap is more appropriate. Sharp face wearing a cap on the face of the big face on the small, even more thin. So wear a dome cap more appropriate. Guo Zi face people wearing all the hats are more appropriate.

Second, Sun Cap according to their own body to choose a hat. Height of the hat should be large should not be small, or give the head light and heavy feeling. The person who is short is the opposite. Tall women should not wear a high tube cap, or give the impression that "and" grow taller. Short stature lady should not wear flat roof canopy, will appear shorter. Wearing a hat and wearing clothes, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses, even if they are satisfied with the wear, but also make people look elegant. Hat form and color must be and clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes and other supporting. Wearing glasses of the ladies, Sun Cap do not wear a hat above the complex floral, Sun Cap should not cover the forehead, Sun Cap to be higher, so that you can show your elegant style and elegant temperament.

Dot pattern Sun Cap with light gray dress is very layered, but also bring out your lively and generous temperament. The white linen sun

The Sun Cap with a light-colored ladies installed, so you look fresh and pleasant. Colorful straw hat for a simple suit or the same type of suit, so that will not make the shape look messy, no focus. Bamboo series of small felt with a playful vest and jeans, do not have doubts. Full of sports baseball hot cap makes you full of vitality, overhead design also let the head in the movement will not feel particularly hot.

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