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The Choice Of The Sun Cap Match
Sep 01, 2017

     Summer sun visor or high elevation area visor hat. Commonly used cloth, grass, plastic and so on. The top of the cap is hemispherical, and some are attached to the forehead or sides of the lotus leaf side. The women's Sun caps have small cape-style trim behind them to protect the neck; the front of the men's sun caps are fitted with stiff tongues or sunglasses. Some hats will have an outward extension of the canopy, called visor. Hats in different cultures have different manners, which are especially important in Western culture, because hats in the past is a symbol of social identity.Sun Cap

     Summer wear a suitable sun hat, not only to avoid sun, but also play a decorative role. May choose the sun hat also has the fastidious, generally should according to the following 5 points to choose. Choose according to hairstyle. Women with long hair, choose to wear the sun hat around the wide eaves, you can receive the effect of protection from the sun, the person with short hair, choose to wear broad eaves or narrow eaves of the sun hat is more appropriate.Sun Cap

     Choose according to body shape. The size of the female, the choice of the sun hat Room is larger; the chunky women should try to choose light color, the narrow eaves of the sun hat, the shorter neck, with a half eaves and narrow eaves of the sun hat more appropriate, if you choose to wear a wide eaves of the sun hat, will create a sense of depression; people with white skin can choose a more colourful sun hat Black-skinned people should choose a red, orange, light gray sun hat.Sun Cap

     According to temperament choice. Choose the sun hat to pay attention to personal temperament. Lively and active girl can choose color contrast, style slightly exaggerated, can highlight the personality of the sun hat. As a professional women, they should choose to be able to show the ability and not lack the feminine taste of the sun hat.Sun Cap

     According to age choice. Young people choose bright color, style novel sun hat, to foil the enthusiasm of the lively personality, the middle-aged should highlight the generous, mature and stable age characteristics. Select according to the frequency of use. Sun Cap

     Summer in the field of the people, choose the sun hat should pay attention to its shading function, light, wide eaves of a variety of straw hats and working caps are most suitable. The person who works indoors, only wears the sun hat on the way to commute, should highlight its adornment function in the style and color aspect.Sun Cap

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