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The Correct Way To Clean The Sun Cap
Oct 09, 2017

Summer wear a suitable sun hat, not only shade to avoid sun, maintenance of the skin, but also play a decoration role. So how to buy a sun hat? Midsummer in the field of people who choose the sun hat, should be the first to pay attention to its shade function, light, wide along the various straw hat and work cap is the most suitable. Indoor work, only on the way to wear, should be in the style and color of its outstanding decoration function.Sun Cap

Body shape: symmetry of the woman, the choice of the larger size of the sun hat; body chunky woman should try to pick light, narrow along the sun hat; neck shorter people to half along and narrow along the sun hat fit, If you choose to wear a wide edge of the sun hat, will make people feel a sense of depression; white skin can choose the color than the sun hat; skin color black people should pick red, chrysanthemum, light gray sun hat.Sun Cap

Young people use bright colors, novel style sun hat, is conducive to set off the characteristics of warm and vivid; middle-aged is outstanding generous, sophisticated and calm the young age characteristics. In addition, the selection of the hat should also pay attention to whether it is consistent with their temperament. Vivid girl can choose the color contrast is obvious, the style slightly exaggerated to the outstanding characteristics of the straw hat. And as a job woman, you should be able to show the ability to show a lack of feminine hat.Sun Cap

In the purchase of straw hat, you should also pay attention to harmony with other accessories, so that with the right. Such as hats and glasses, both suffer very close, select the hat should also pay attention to the appearance with the glasses, pictures, color harmony. Colorful straw hat for a simple suit or the same type of suit, so that will not make the shape look messy, no focus. Bamboo small felt hat coupled with playful vest and jeans, do not have doubts. Full of sports baseball hot cap makes you full of vitality, overhead design also let the head in the movement will not feel particularly hot.Sun Cap

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