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The Introduction Of The Sun Cap And The Fabric Selection When Making
Jun 13, 2017

    Summer shade hat. Commonly used cloth, grass, plastic and so on. Sun hat with cloudy weather, sunny shade function, is an indispensable daily life of men and women.Sun Cap

    Summer shade or high altitude area shade hat. Commonly used cloth, grass, plastic and so on. The top of the cap was hemispherical, and some in the forehead or both sides attached to the lotus leaf side. Women's sun hat behind a small cloak-style pieces to protect the neck; male sun hat front with stiff tongue or with a sun ink lens. Some hats will have an outward extension of the canopy, known as the cap. Wearing a hat has a different ritual in different cultures, which is especially important among Western cultures because wearing a hat in the past is a symbol of social identity.

    Refers to the corona. Every day the total eclipse appears, in the month around the sun will emerge out of the silver-white light area (outside the light area is the dark sky background), people call it corona. Looks like the moon is blocked by the sun like a "sun hat".Sun Cap

    According to the specific requirements can be divided into cotton, polyester, T \ C, CVC, nylon, leather, velvet, grass, PVC, non-woven, paper But commonly used fabrics to fabric-based, large demand for more than most of the use of PVC, non-woven and paper caps.Sun Cap

    Printing and embroidery: general fabric selection after the need to set the printing pattern. Cloth type sun hat can generally choose embroidery process, embroidery advantage is feeling more upscale, not easy to fall, but only a small area of production. The use of PVC, non-woven production of sun hat and paper cap on the choice of printing more, especially the paper cap. General sun hat is to do the activities to achieve outdoor groups have the effect of shading eye.Sun Cap

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