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The Making Of The Sun Cap
Jul 15, 2017

                 A hat used to shade the sun, with brim and style. Summer sun visor or high elevation area visor hat. Commonly used cloth, grass, plastic and so on. The top of the cap is domed. Some on the forehead or both sides of the lotus leaf side, can block more sunlight. The women's Sun caps have small cape-style trim behind them to protect the neck; the front of the men's sun caps are fitted with stiff tongues or sunglasses. Some hats will have an outward extension of the canopy, called visor. Hats in different cultures have different manners, which are especially important in Western culture, because hats in the past is a symbol of social identity.Sun Cap

                 According to specific requirements can be broadly divided into cotton, polyester, t\c, CVC, nylon, leather, velvet, grass, PVC, Non-woven, paper. But the commonly used fabrics to cloth mainly, the volume of large demand for most of the use of PVC, Non-woven and paper caps.Sun Cap

                Printing and embroidery, the general fabric selection after the need to set the printing pattern. The cloth type sun hat generally can choose the embroidery craft, the embroidery advantage is the feeling is more upscale, not easy to drop, but can only small area make.Sun Cap

                 The use of PVC, Non-woven to make sun caps and paper caps on the choice of printing more, especially paper caps. The general sun hat is to do activities, to reach outdoor groups have the effect of shading eye protection. Size: Each factory's advertising cap has its own size. The size of a man's hat is the number of centimeters in the finger circumference, so it is convenient to buy. However, given the shrinkage of some hats after washing, the purchase should be slightly larger.

                 The average adult man's cap number is 55-56, the child hat is 50-55, and the baby cap is 42-46. Adult women's hats, sun caps and sports caps are only 1-3 three. Knitted cap size, it can be telescopic, some use weight-gram to calculate, the price of the sun hat Basic with the number of hats, printing color (area), size, cloth of these decisions. The higher the cost of fabric, the higher the price. The more printing color, the higher the price. But in general, the larger the quantity, the lower the price.Sun Cap

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