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The Role Of Advertise Cap
Jul 03, 2017

            For the hair warm cold: the head is called "The exchange of the sun." Medical research has found that people who do not wear hats in static state, when the ambient temperature of 15 Shan, from the head loss of heat accounted for 30% of the total body heat, 4 Shan when the total heat 60%. If the head cold, will cause the cerebral blood vessel contraction, the light will feel dizziness, the headache, or causes the scalp nutrition circulation barrier and the hair follicle metabolic function disorder, thus causes the hair the nutrient imbalance or the massive hair unnatural shedding. Serious may also induce some disease to patronize. This shows that in the cold winter, the head and other parts of the body, but also need to keep warm.Advertise Cap

            For hair dust prevention pollution: winter sand, dust, especially in today's increasingly serious pollution era, as the hair is blown out of the clutter, the microbes and dust on the hair of the top of the head are like grit on the sandpaper, while the skin is raging on your scalp, adding to the friction between the comb and hair and hairs as you brush your hair and act. Microbes that cannot be seen by the naked eye may cause your scalp to breed bacteria, and even cause hair follicles to infect, directly affecting the hair's living environment and growth quality. And the friction of the hair on the surface of the small skin, hair will become coarse, serious when it will lead to the hair fork, broken. At this time, wearing a comfortable fashion hat, is tantamount to the hair wearing a beautiful and protective function of the cloak, effectively blocking the dust and microbial invasion.Advertise Cap

             For hair protection against radiation: a lot of beauty of the ladies will be in the summer to take full armor of the sun protection measures, especially to support a colorful sunshade, both sunscreen and show amorous feelings million kinds, but to the winter often overlooked the power of the sun, walking is always chasing the sun go. In fact, because the winter air dry clarity, the ultraviolet rays in the sun is not low, so must not be complacent about the winter sun. Should still prevent excessive sunlight. So, in order to avoid UV damage, choose a style and color and clothing matching hat, nothing more than a stylish and practical clever way.Advertise Cap

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