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The Variety And Appearance Of The Advertise Cap
Oct 09, 2017

Cap overall appearance design. To head series as the standard or head-based design. The size of each part of the hat is proportional to the hat. Cap shape design requirements meet the wearing of the object face, so there are rocker, a bend, arc, cap head, ear to coordinate. Modeling structure should try to avoid the right angle, acute angle, using the curve to pull the head of the natural curve of the United States.Advertise Cap

The design of the helmet is particularly important. Helmet head is a special tool for the cap, the design of the hat-based test type, but also for the helmet, ironing stereotypes of important equipment. Helmet production should be based on the head type. The head of the helmet should be longer than the standard length of the head, the height should be greater than the standard height of the head, in addition to the height of the helmet head, the bottom of the general to add a 5 ~ 6cm high helmet.Advertise Cap

Due to the different varieties of hats, ironing stereotypes and procedures are also different. Such as natural, chemical fiber fabric for the material sewn dome hat, forward hat, etc., after sewing in the helmet on the head with electric iron ironing, so that the shape of the hat sticky, crisp and beautiful. The lace hat is sewn a good hat set in the helmet on the head, through the lining cloth, cotton, brush, heating and other methods to form a flat cap tires, and then sew a good leather cap sets, through Nail flat, heating, drying, the formation of the cap and the skin together with the shape of the cap, and then sew the cap ear fan, and finally into a hat. Felt molding: mainly used for hat production.Advertise Cap

Scope: adults and children like leisure travel products. Is a good companion for outdoor and beach play, you can sunscreen. Inexpensive, easy to carry and safe to store. But also as advertising.Advertise Cap

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