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The Various Forms Of Advertise Cap
Sep 21, 2017

     The production process of the advertisement Cap: Plug the power supply of the printing-like King roasting cap machine and turn on the power switch. Set the temperature and time: The starting temperature: According to the mode set key once, at this time to set the indicator light, press the addition key or subtraction key set the starting temperature. Maximum temperature: According to the mode set the key second, at this time the temperature indicator light, press the addition key or subtraction key set the maximum temperature. The highest temperature baking time: According to the mode set the key the third time, when the time indicator light is on, press the addition key or subtraction key to set the maximum temperature baking time.Advertise Cap

     Pending Status: Press Mode to set the key fourth time, the machine into the state to be executed. Preparation: Clean hat transfer printing surface, the transfer paper laminating in the hat transfer surface, with high temperature tape paste fixed, placed in the hat bracket, such as pressure too large or too small, can adjust the head height. When the temperature rises to the starting temperature, press the execution key to start the timer and immediately press the pressure handle. After the machine is chirping, turn off the power supply, remove the hat and transfer to completion.Advertise Cap

     This summer used to shade the material is still colorful, nylon, straw, hemp, yarn quality, cotton and so on, and the style is more changeful, whether from the pattern of color or style shapes are refreshing feeling. Here are some hats and their collocation for your reference: sports caps, baseball caps.Advertise Cap

     Dome narrow brim cap round, ad cap. There are two main styles of the narrow-brimmed cap. The first is the depth of the cap, narrow and curly brim, near the brim of the decorative flower gorgeous and some exaggeration, and then with Georgette printing low waist long skirt, especially the 340 's Hollywood star-like retro taste. Another narrow-brimmed cap, also known as the fishing cap, is dominated by cotton, and the edge of the front eaves of the hat is turned upwards, with a full sense of summer leisure. Advertise Cap

     The wide-brimmed cap, which is usually the lady's hat, is very popular with the white-collar ladies because of the wide-brimmed hat style. Its material is generally light and elegant linen mainly, now there are a lot of special synthetic fabrics. This type of hat, in addition to the brim, is a big highlight of the change in the brim shape. Whether it is the lotus leaf edge or curling or irregular shape, all give a sense of fresh and elegant. Such a hat with a larger skirt is more suitable.Advertise Cap

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