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Types Of Sport Cap
Jun 27, 2017

          In outdoor products, sports caps are generally more easily overlooked things, general equipment introduction rarely involved in this knowledge. A true donkey friend needs to be able to answer according to his experience, and from here we can see that in the travel forum, the true meaning of the donkey friend is not much, we still have to work hard oh, do a donkey friends not only can endure hardship, but also have a wealth of outdoor knowledge, if everyone always rely on the experience of the webmaster, is never can become an excellent donkey friends.Sport Cap.

          Outdoor sports and tourism are different, no matter what the weather, there is a problem of physical consumption. Human physical exertion is proportional to the heat distribution, and more than 60% of the heat is distributed through the head, so hats in the outdoor sports main function is to prevent the heat distribution too fast, in the break to prevent a cold, rather than ordinary tourism in the sun, so in all outdoor sports, must wear a sports cap oh.

          Outdoor supplies in the type of sports caps are also many, from the material points: first, the ordinary type, this and travel hat exactly the same, so for beginners, as long as the usual travel hat on the line; this kind of sports cap breathable type almost, but win in rain or shine, suitable for the high demand of the donkey friends; third, waterproof breathable type, is a high-grade variety of hats, common have tex materials, they are at an altitude of 3000 meters above the donkey, such as the necessities, such as to go to Tibet, Having a Tex sports cap is, of course, the best choice. But generally speaking, for those of us who are only low difficulty outdoor sports enthusiasts, do not recommend, unless you have a high fever 40 degrees or good money, is a rich donkey. From the shape of the points, there are several kinds, the most recommended is the jungle type, there is the World War II Japanese Devils wearing the cap, the kind of Arazo, this hat is characterized by the most vulnerable to protect the most afraid of the sun's neck.Sport Cap.

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