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What Are The Sports Caps
Jul 03, 2017

              Sports cap, simple structure, easy to manufacture, is a tourism, sports and other necessary supplies. This kind of hat is on the basis of the original sports cap, in the cap body forehead part of the outer layer and brim above add the light body hard mass protect piece and the eaves protects the piece, use each piece of rigidity, make the cap body, brim is firm and durable, beautiful and generous. On the surface of the various pieces of the design to draw appropriate advertising text and patterns will be more visual eye-catching effect.

              Baseball caps are called baseball caps, mostly from America. Baseball is very popular in the United States, and most of the players defending a team are wearing a baseball cap, so many fans will wear their favorite hats. It's not just the baseball team's hat that's in vogue. Now all kinds of styles and brands of baseball caps are popular all over the world.

              Ski cap. Ski Cap's main role is to protect the head and ears, so when choosing ski cap must pay attention to light and not affect the field of vision is appropriate, generally with a good elasticity of fine wool woven can be.Sport Cap

              Visor. Sunshade cap, composed of visor and cap body, visor is double or double, upper visor can be attached to the lower shade visor, with upright arc surface on the visor rear, and a cap top with a horizontal level on the arc surface, according to the need, between the two layers of visor can be filled with a layer of insulating layer, on the top of the cap level, with the installation of the attachment of the hole, when the use of hollow cap body, the CAP clip on the attachment to install the fastener. The invention can give full play to the sunshade effect of the sunshade cap visor, and can add various additions to make the sunshade cap practical, beautiful, and increase the use value, and the upper visor of the sunshade cap can be used and cleaned separately after being removed.Sport Cap

              Swimming cap. Swimming Swimming Hat is a basic equipment, but also a basic courtesy. Swimming cap is used to prevent the ear shock and protect the head, prevent the hair completely soaked in the chlorine-containing water, can effectively protect the hair, reduce the damage to the hair quality of the pool, can reduce resistance, let swimming speed faster.Sport Cap

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